2 VinNaturo Red & White

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One of each of VinNaturo's magnum-sized of 1.5litres per pouches which is essentially two bottles of wine. They are perfect for keeping in your fridge and pour yourself a glass.

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Trebbiano / Sauvignon Blanc, Cosimo Italy

From a biodynamic Azienda Agricola in the hills of Tuscany. All of the wines are macerated, fermented and aged in large concrete tanks, with nothing added or taken away other than a low (20mg/l) dose of SO2 at filling. Dry, light, citrus fruits, zesty!

ABV 13.5%

Tetes Red, Loire, VinNaturo, France

Bright berry fruit from predominantly Cabernet Franc. Some tannin and grip, though still very easy drinking. Only native yeasts used, unfiltered, and with low added sulfites.

ABV 12%

All made with absolute minimal intervention, natural fermentation, unfiltered & low sulfur. And they last for weeks after opening!